In between flying between Paris and Pennsylvania on business, John stopped off in London to take a three-day bespoke course with Robert. Wanting to start a photography business, the intensive course was the perfect way for John to learn new fashion and portraiture lighting techniques and how to direct a model. Once back home, we also sent him lighting setup diagrams for him to continue confidently in his new career.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your mentoring. In particular, I’d like to thank you for taking a day and a half out of your busy schedule to work with me. Splitting the time into 3 sessions gave me exactly the kind of experience I was hoping for. The half day portfolio and general business review helped me to see where I need to focus in my future career, and I really appreciated the open, positive criticism; the half day working with different lighting set-ups in the studio and the subsequent follow-up diagrams has added a whole new dimension to my photography; and the half day photographing Melissa Bell was delightful – her professionalism was very impressive and, with her natural good looks, it made my role that much easier. All in all, you made what could have been a somewhat daunting experience into a very relaxed and productive time. It was well worth the effort of detouring to London on my way home to Philadelphia and I came away with a series of shots that I am proud of. I can honestly say that this was an invaluable experience that I would recommend to any photography enthusiast.”
Thanks again, John McGurk

The techniques you taught me formed the cornerstone for development of my own style and that after almost 2 years as a full-time photographer, I am still using the lighting techniques I learned during my time with you.
John McGurk | The Photographer’s eyes LLC