For Dominnique, we designed a series of courses to provide her with a full portfolio of work, ready for a new career in beauty photography. These are her testimonials for some of the main courses she took.

Capture One day course, 1-2-1
“This was a 1-2-1 course with Robert, a definite must if you want to truly understand how to manage your images before you start working with them; it opened my world on how to take a great picture rather than just trying to ‘fix’ it during processing. Rob was incredibly patient and an excellent mentor.”

Professional Beauty Shoot, 1-2-1
“WOW, what can I say, I will never want to do anything mediocre in photography again. Rob took me through the entire shoot from beginning to end as if it were a commissioned professional shoot. What I learned in one full day was extraordinary but enough to keep me wanting to come back for more shoots.

Learning on the job training has made all the difference and catapulted my ability to make photography my profession. Thanks Rob for the outstanding professional and exhilarating experience.”

Retouching, 1-2-1
“This is not an easy job at all, but in true Rob style it was about teaching me everything perfectly like the pro’s do it from beginning to end and making sure I could deliver a professional image. This is a course I would definitely recommend, make sure you don’t skip it.
A personal note….. thanks Rob for opening my world to photography and being an inspiring perfectionist at everything you do and teach!”
Regards, Dom