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The Greats. Bruce Weber: Little Haiti. Bruce Weber Photographs Miami’s Haitian Community

Interview by Marina Cashdan for The Huffington Post In 2003, The Miami Herald published a magazine supplement of Bruce Weber’s extraordinary photographs of Miami’s Haitian community, a style of street photography that evoked the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. In 2010 Weber exhibited another exhibition which put a human face on the consequences of the United […]

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The Greats

The Greats. Interview With Bruce Weber

Interview by Kyle Buchanan for Movieline As a photographer, Bruce Weber’s impact has been unmistakable: He’s shot covers for every top magazine, ushered in a new era of mainstream homoerotica with his Abercombie & Fitch campaigns, and immortalized in portraits some of the biggest stars and supermodels of the last few decades. As a filmmaker, […]

The Greats. Bruce Weber

American photographer Bruce Weber is best known for his (mostly) black and white images of a beautiful young Americana. His images range from portrayals of toned muscular bodies (mainly male) almost as studied sculptures to fun group shots. It is a contrast that is so wide ranging that it has made him a favourite amongst […]