Jim Morrison, 1968 by Frank Lisciandro

24th June – 24th August 2011
Proud Camden. The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town, NW1 8AH
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Proud Camden presents The Doors of Perception, a photographic portrait of The Doors and their charismatic front man, Jim Morrison, by Bobby Klein, Guy Webster and Frank Lisciandro. Marking the 40th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death in July, this exhibition is an exclusive insight into the beginning, evolution and final years of The Doors and Jim Morrison.

During the vibrant late 60s, The Doors gained notoriety for their controversial public personae; Jim Morrison’s theatrical stage persona fuelled the public imagination that defined the 1960s and 70s counterculture. The photographs by Bobby Klein, Guy Webster and Frank Lisciandro offer rare insights into the life of the enigmatic Jim Morrison and The Doors, both on and off stage.

Frank Lisciandro began to photograph Morrison and The Doors in 1967 and soon became close friends with the reclusive Morrison. He documented the band for three years, creating a candid photojournal scarcely seen by the public. His photographs take us behind the stage and inside Morrison’s private life. Bobby Klein was the first official photographer of the band and followed them throughout their career, providing a visual record of the legendary Jim Morrison and The Doors. Creating the band’s first publicity shots in the backdrop of California’s landscape, Klein was instrumental in establishing the band’s mysterious aura that has captivated fans up to this day.

Proud Galleries is pleased to present ‘The Doors of Perception’, a powerful and insightful visual chronicle which includes yet unseen photographs from the archives of both photographers and is a must see for any Doors fan.