Delta Bound by Lee Strickland

24 February – 16 March
Rove Gallery
33-34 Hoxton Square, Hoxton, N1 6NN
T: 07979 5039582

Lee Strickland’s exhibition Delta Bound captures the spirit of a father and son road trip in the Delta region of the Mississippi, ending in New Orleans. These images are captured for over a period of ten days as the father, played by Byron Guthrie and Son, played by Callum Turner, travel through the Mississippi Delta by whatever means they can, from hitching rides on haulage trains to pick-up trucks. These prints tell a story, it encapsulates the journey they took and the friendship and bond they shared as father and son. Lee let the characters act out the story “It became like shooting a film, allowing the characters to improvise or act entirely naturally”.

The road trip is a way for Lee to showcase the spirit of New Orleans. “Having been to New Orleans many times it always struck me how much slower the pace of life is, and how it almost seems to be of a different era. I wanted to convey the feeling of a life unrushed and combine it with the inspiration behind the music of Ingrid and the Flying Neutrinos who seem to capture the very spirit of New Orleans.” The prints for the exhibition are printed from digital files converted back into a negative and then printed as silver gelatine prints, framed in dark stained wood.