Russian-born Sasha Pivovarova shot to fame when friend and photographer Igor Vishnyakov took photos of her in 2005 and gave them to international modeling agency IMG and since then she has been top of her game in the fashion industry. Multi-talented as well as beautiful, Sasha is also an artist – her paintings have been displayed in a gallery in Paris, Mansion Grand in New York and have been published in French Vogue. She said in an interview with CNN that she uses anything as a canvas: hotel papers, casting and itinerary papers—anything she can find. Pivovarova is currently collaborating with Miuccia Prada to produce a book of her own artwork in the upcoming year. It will be in the form of a scrapbook and include drawings, photography, and collages. She is also illustrating a book for Karl Lagerfeld based on Russian fairy tales.

Various images of Sasha Pivovarova via Google and Trunk Archive