“I have always avoided photographing in the studio. A woman does not spend her life sitting or standing in front of a seamless white paper background. Although it makes my life more complicated, I prefer to take my camera out onto the street, in to public and private places often inaccessible to anyone but the rich. And places that are out of bounds for photographers have always had a special attraction for me.” Helmut Newton

Strong Amazonian (mainly nude) women prowl the photographic world of German-born Helmut Newton. Embodying a dominatrix spirit, these women are (more often than not) in control – not objects to be lusted after but the finest specimens of the female form, to be admired. Newton shot these nudes like sculptures and with reverence, beautifying the female body. He also had a keen sense of humour – always adding something to the composition to bring a smile to the viewer’s lips, making what could be pornographic, merely photographic.

Various images by Helmut Newton via Google

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