Left to right, top to bottom: Robert Capa, Chinese Soldier, China 1938. Mario Giacomelli, Metamorphosis of the Land, 1980. Ernest Haas, Albert Einstein, Princeton, New Jersey, 1953. Dennis Stock, James Dean in Times Square, New York, USA, 1955. William Klein, Hat & Five Roses, Paris (Vogue), 1956. Dominique Tarlé, Villa Nellcote, 1971. Jim Goldberg, The Road West, Ukraine, 2006. Floris Neussus, Korperbild, (KOR B27), Berlin, 1963. Rene Burri, Ernesto Guevara (Che), Ministry of Industry, Havana, 1963. Nick Brandt, Zebras Turning Heads, Ngorongoro Crater, 2005. Andre De Dienes, Marilyn Monroe, 1949. Mario Giacomelli, Puglia, 1957. Alberto Korda, The Heroic Guerilla, 1960. Lev Borodulin, In Cosmos, 1964.


Until the 29th January, Atlas presents an exhibition of selected works from the gallery’s 2010 Catalogue of Photographs.

The catalogue is a beautiful publication including more than 150 items from gallery stock. Each work is illustrated in colour with a full description, ranging from the early 20th century through to contemporary photography, both vintage and editioned prints, and selected from over 70 different photographers represented by the gallery.

For further information, email info@atlasgallery.com or T: 020 7224 4192.
Atlas Gallery: 49 Dorset Street, London W1U 7NF.
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10:am to 6pm. Sat: 11am to 5pm.
(The gallery reopens tomorrow, 4th January 2011 after the holiday break).

The Catalogue is available to purchase from the gallery: £20 incl. postage (Europe), £25 incl. postage (outside Europe).