“The freedom that Steven Meisel enjoys on Italian Vogue is exceptional, as is the length of the collaboration and its systematic nature, both unprecedented in the field.”
Intro of the book “Three Hundred and Seventeen & Counting”

Steven Meisel has shot EVERY Italian Vogue cover for the last 20 years, firmly securing his place in our ‘The Greats’ category – in an industry of ever-changing fashions and people, this is an incredible achievement. There are far too many covers to feature here, but here are some of our favourites; the sheer versatility of Meisel’s work, as shown in these covers alone, is what makes him greatly revered.

A selection of Italian Vogue covers by Steven Meisel

A book of all his iconic covers, “Three Hundred and Seventeen & Counting”. can be purchased here. And here is a good library book of Meisel’s work: