Kate Moss Calvin Klein Obsession Ads by Mario Sorrenti

After finding fame with these shots (above) for Calvin Klein, with then-girlfriend Kate Moss, Mario Sorrenti has carved a niche for himself amongst the greats of fashion photography. Producing images where models look sexy but still empowered is not easy, but Sorrenti has mastered it. His models seem to go the extra mile for him, stretching their bodies into extreme poses, a complete expression of sexual tension mixed with delicate femininity.

Various editorials photographed by Mario Sorrenti

And when V Magazine produced their limited edition “Sexy Body Issue” with special ‘scratch-and-see’ covers, who else but Sorrenti could have delivered these very heated images?

While there aren’t any books specifically celebrating Mario Sorrenti’s images (why not, we wonder?), here is a must-have of a project involving Sorrenti and other great photographers.