Guy Bourdin. In Between. Images via W Magazine

Guy Bourdin’s vivid, narrative-infused work placed him at the vanguard of fashion photography for a career that spanned four decades. ‘In Between’ demonstrates Guy Bourdin’s unique conceptual and formal engagement with the double-page spread as an art form in itself. This concept appeared in his first published image for French Vogue (1955), a photograph of a model with an Haute Couture Dior hat captured alongside an array of butchered cow heads. This visual, a signature piece emblematic of the classic elements of Guy Bourdin’s entire oeuvre, stands firmly as one of the most daring fashion images of the 20th century. Guy Bourdin’s double page spread became a landmark in the history of advertising photography. His compositions gave new form to ideas about product-illustration creating independently arresting images that invited the reader to participate or witness.

With 300 images, ‘In Between’ re-assembles many of the original image layouts as they were published in magazines such as French Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Italy, Harpers Bazaar, Linea Italiana and The Best, offering a new and illuminating critical context to the creative process. Guy Bourdin tailored his compositions to the constraints of the printed page both conceptually and graphically, and the mirror motif so central in his work finds its formal counterpart in the doubleness of the magazine spread. Layout and design become powerful metaphors for the photographic medium, engaging the eye and with it, the mind.

Definitely one that will be gracing our coffee table.