Leica S2

Leica S2

The LEICA S2’s excellence is based not only on its high-resolution image sensor but also the unique S format and full range of features, such as autofocus, high-speed MAESTRO image processor, highly durable design and optimal size and ease-of-use for the professional photographer.

The S2 achieves a perfect combination of the highest image quality in a camera with unrivalled ease-of-use. It breaks new ground in every way, ensuring that photographers will enjoy perfect results from a camera that is truly easy to handle. The Leica S-System is the only professional camera system to make a clean break from legacy categories such as the 35mm or medium format and was developed solely for the digital domain. This means the LEICA S2 has established its own format focused primarily on ease-of-use and optimal image quality – the Leica S format.

This format pioneers the optimal quality of all components and embodies easy handling, giving photographers the creative scope they require. The decisive advantage of the LEICA S2 is in the sum of its features: flexibility, durability and easy operation combined with industry-leading resolution and image quality. The S2 outperforms other camera systems in the medium-format category, setting a completely new standard for quality.

Camera type:
Digital single-lens reflex camera for use with Leica S lenses

Image sensor:
• low-noise Kodak CCD sensor. Resolution: 37.5 megapixels (7,500 x 5,000).
• Size: 45 x 30mm, pixel spacing: 6µm. Aspect ratio: 3:2
• Dynamic range: 12 stops, colour depth: 16 bits per pixel, low-pass filter: none (Moiré detection and suppression using digital signal processing)

Sensitivity range:
ISO 80 to 1250 (manual or automatic control)

Data storage (format):
DNG (approx. 75 MB per image), JPEG (basic or fine)

Memory cards:
CompactFlash (up to 64 GB), SD cards (HC)

Maximum frame rate:
1.5 images/s, buffer memory: 1 GB (for a minimum sequence of 8 images in DNG format)

Control monitor:
3-inch TFT with 460,000 pixels, 16 million colours, cover glass: highly abrasion and scratch resistant sapphire glass (only with the LEICA S2-P)

High-speed USB 2.0 (robust connection with strain-relief, cable included), HDMI, remote release, X sync, SCA3002

Exposure metering:
Multi-field metering (5 fields), centre-weighted integral metering, spot metering (3.5%)

Exposure control:
Program mode (with Shift function), shutter priority, aperture priority, manual metering

Metal focal-plane shutter integrated in body: 1/4000 s to 32 s (B to 120 s), flash sync time: 1/125 s, optional leaf shutter in selected lenses: 1/500 s to 32 s, flash synch time: All speeds

Flash operation:
• Metering method: TTL (multi-field, center-weighted, spot), TTL-HSS rapid synchronisation up to 1/4000 s with focal plane shutter,
• Compatibility: fully compatible with LEICA SF 58 and devices with SCA3002 adapters

Auto Focus:
Central crosshair sensor, focusing drive in lens

Operating Modes:
AF Continuous, AF Single, MF, MF Override

High eye-point pentaprism viewfinder

• 0.86x, viewfinder field: 96%, dioptre compensation -3 to +1,
• focusing screen: Matte with cross-hairs (interchangeable)

Power supply:
Li-Ion battery (7.4 V, 2150 mAh)

• Die-cast magnesium, size (without lens): 160 x 120 x 80 mm,
• weight: 1410 g (including battery), resistant to dust and dripping/splashing water

Scope of supply Software:
Adobe Lightroom, Leica Image Shuttle, one battery, charging unit, USB cable