London-based Peartree is set to demo, for the first time in the UK, the new Leaf Aptus II 12 digital back, which offers a resolution of 80 megapixels.

The Aptus-II 12 was introduced at last month’s Photokina trade show and is claimed to offer the world’s highest resolution with an 80-megapixel digital back that will retail at €23,995.

Now, the back is set to make an appearance at Peartree in Central London, where photographers will be able to get their hands on the Aptus-II 12 on 19 October.
The back uses a newly designed 53.7×40.3mm full-frame CCD sensor, which Leaf claims “eliminates Moiré and more perfectly renders objects – from the texture of fine fabrics to the smooth curves of car metal”. It delivers file sizes of around 480MB, and can capture lower resolutions, such as 60 megapixels using a square aspect ratio. This lower resolution requires less processing, and so allows faster image capture, when necessary.

The back will also be available in an “R” configuration, which comes with an internal rotating sensor, which Leaf first introduced with the Aptus-II 10R earlier this year. The feature allows photographers to keep their camera upright while switching between portrait and landscape format.

Both versions of the back have a dynamic range of 12 f-stops, a sensitivity of ISO 80 up to 800, and a capture rate of 1.5 seconds per frame. The backs sport a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen and support a “wide range of camera brands”, including Phase One’s 645DF and AF systems, as well as Mamiya’s 645DF, most Hasselblad V cameras and “a selection of large-format cameras via adapters”.

Peartree will also have available for testing the new PC-Tilt Shift Apo-Digitar 5.6/120 HM Aspheric lens produced by Schneider-Kreuznach. The lens was also introduced last month and has yet to be officially released.

The 19 October event is free and starts from 10am until 7pm. For more details, and to book a space, visit, call 020 7033 7371 or email