The latest campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans has been banned in Australia. Featuring Lara Stone with several other male models, Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau decided that it was ‘suggestive of violence and rape’.

“The Board considered that whilst the act depicted could be consensual, the overall impact and most likely impression is that the scene is suggestive of violence and rape. The Board considered that the image was demeaning to women by suggesting that she is a plaything of these men. It also demeans men by implying sexualised violence against women.”
Australia’s Advertising Standards spokesman.

This hasn’t been the first time Calvin Klein has courted controversy – in 2008 their steamy Eva Mendes perfume ad was banned in the US and eventually on YouTube and the SS 2009 Jeans ad (below) was also banned. Featuring young topless models making out, it was bound to be banned.

And here is the question – does Calvin Klein do this on purpose (all publicity is good publicity) or are they pushing the boundaries of modern advertising?