Last week the photographic industry lost a great architectural photographer, Julius Shulman, perhaps best known for Pierre Koenig’s Case Study house #22, 1960 (also known as the Stahl Residence), image below. This beautifully-lit shot was actually spur-of-the-moment, and he judged the exposure without a light meter; a testament to his incredible talent.

“The secret to the success of my photography is to always create a proper balance of light. Put your camera down. Don’t act like a photographer; instead, act like a human being reviewing a piece of sculpture and understand where you would like the light to be for your exposure.”
Introduction to his 1962 textbook “Photographing Architecture and Interiors”

Julius Schulman

And here is a short film with Julius narrating a photo documentary about his life and images.

A good coffee-table book of his definitive work can be purchased here.